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From the President's Desk
Amit Sengupta

The most important celebration in the life of us, the Bengalis, is just a couple of months away. An event that touches the lives of Bengalis wherever they are, in Bengal or elsewhere in India or abroad, is Durga Puja. It is an unique event that stimulates social, cultural and religious aspects of Bengalis and in Bengal it boosts the economic activities too.

Durga Puja outside Bengal has some special significance for the Bengali diaspora as it is the time where they look forward to not only the Puja celebrations but interacting with a large number of fellow Bengalis, taking part in Bengali cultural programmes, taste food items typically Bengali and resonating with the great festive vibrations during the Puja days.

It is the 9th year of Durga Puja organised by SORRBA and what started in a small way in the Sun City apartment complex has now become one of the largest Puja events in Bangalore. That has been possible only through the unstinted support of the members. It is they who keep motivating the small group of persons in the Executive Committee to make the Puja successful and growing year on year.

This year we had to shift the location of our Puja to a new venue due to some unavoidable reason, but we are fortunate to locate a place much bigger than our earlier venue and we expect to offer better facilities and experience to the people who come to visit our Puja in big numbers. This year we have to face the impact of Demonitization and the largest Tax reform, GST, in the country but we are getting assurances from the members and well wishers and that gives us confidence enough to invite you all to join come forward and enjoy the Puja to the fullest. It is your Puja as always.